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GeneralA Quick Guide To Botox

Digital Health Buzz!1 year ago6 min
Botox is a brand name for a popular neurotoxin that affects the ability of the brain to send contraction signals to the body. These days, Botox injections are some of the most common cosmetic procedures in the United States. Here is a quick guide to the chemical and how it’s used today. What Is It Used For? Botox is used for many medical and cosmetic procedures that involve the prevention of muscle contraction. It is...
Digital Health Buzz!

HealthcareHow Does Treatment For Split Ends Works?

Digital Health Buzz!2 years ago7 min
What exactly is jojoba oil? Jojoba is a petroleum wax produced from jojoba seeds. Although native to the Southwest, the shrub jojoba is also found in other parts of the country. It grows in the deserts of southern California, Arizona, and Mexico. In the 1970s, manufacturers began using the oil into cosmetics and food. It’s highly flexible, with far too many applications to list. Cosmetics are one of the most common uses for it. It...
Digital Health Buzz!

HealthcareInterviewHow Is Climate Change Impacting Your Health and Skin

Digital Health Buzz!3 years ago19 min
Did you know climate change has a direct impact on allergies? “Many studies have found that increases in temperature and atmospheric carbon dioxide can cause more pollen production and that the worsening of pollen seasons in some locations is possible,” explains Dr. Liia Ramachandra. This means allergy season is constantly expanding. You can also check climate change consulting for more information. An exposure to excess allergens can also cause allergic inflammation in the body resulting...
Digital Health Buzz!

InterviewThe Health Depot Pharmacy Launches Direct-To-Door Delivery Program: Interview

Digital Health Buzz!4 years ago12 min
The Health Depot Pharmacy launched their direct-to-door delivery service for prescriptions and health items across Ontario. Their unique triaged approach is prioritizing seniors, immuno-compromised individuals, and their loved ones during COVID-19. To learn more, we conducted an interview with The Health Depot Pharmacy. 1. Can you tell us more about The Health Depot Pharmacy? The Health Depot is a tech-driven, online pharmacy where innovation in patient-care comes first. We are using technology to redefine what...

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